dianabol cycle

admin 24th January 2018

Oral steroid drug dianabol is designed to increase muscle mass and accelerate protein metabolism. The active substance is a Methadienone. Metadienone is an anabolic hormone capable of accelerating anabolic processes in the body and reducing catabolic hormones. In addition to the anabolic effect, metadienone enhances the splitting of fat, reduces the activity of the immune […]

admin 24th January 2018

Dianabol weight gain is a popular steroid among athletes. To obtain the desired result, it is important to correctly compose anabolic steroids cycles. Learn about the features of the courses with Dianabol. Anabolic drugs of oral use have become widespread. As in the case of injectable AAS, they can be divided into two groups: androgenic […]

admin 29th September 2016

Overdose drug dianabol cycle may lead to an increase in the duration of its action, however, it is not accompanied by the effects of acute toxicity (if no special measures are required overdose). Interactions with Other Drugs in in vitro studies have demonstrated the low probability of drug-drug interactions when combined administration ¬†with drugs whose […]