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Methandrostenolone in bodybuilding

Methandrostenolone bodybuilding is probably the most discussed and popular topic among athletes, it will be useful for beginners and amateurs to know about this drug, as well as to avid athletes and bodybuilders with long experience and excellent achievements. We will get acquainted with this representative of pharmacology in bodybuilding. If the use of steroid drugs is not for you, we suggest reading about peptides in bodybuilding.

Why is Methandrostenolone so popular among bodybuilders?

methandrostenolone bodybuildingMethandrostenolone is the abbreviated name of the drug Methandrostenolone, used in the ranks of athletes to stimulate the growth of its muscles, which has a pronounced anabolic and androgenic effect. Methandrostenolone significantly accelerates the synthesis of protein in the body of the athlete, and also leads to a sharp decrease in body fat reserves. The prevalence and demand for Methandrostenolone bodybuilding is explained by three main facts:

  1. Ease of use. Methandrostenolone is sold in tablet form, it is an oral steroid, very convenient for ingestion, unlike injections of any kind. Although, in fact, there is no difference from the form of steroid release, the result is always one.
  2. Low price. This anabolic steroid drug is inexpensive, compared to other drugs, a similar spectrum of action. The monthly course of Methandrostenolone will cost you about three hundred to five hundred rubles. At the same time, it is necessary to remember the necessity of parallel consumption of potassium and magnesium complexes, as well as the course of drug restoration of the liver, which suffers after receiving such pharmacological agents.
  3. Fame. Methandrostenolone, like no other drug-steroid, is at everyone’s ears. This term sounds everywhere, in gyms, swimming pools, beaches and sports centers, hence its unprecedented popularity. Although modern pharmacology does not stand still and has long produced steroids more sparing effects on the body with the same results as the old-time Methandrostenolone.

Dosage and Methandrostenolone Bodybuilding intake mode

The dose of Methandrostenolone bodybuilding should be strictly fixed and not increase according to the pyramid principle. If you constantly increase the dose of methandrostenolone, you risk getting a “withdrawal syndrome”, that is, the body will get used to, and will not react to the drug. Also, increased dosage is fraught with a serious threat to health, and the results will also quickly disappear, as they have appeared. The recommended Methandrostenolone intake regimen is as follows: morning – from six to nine in the morning, evening – from five to nine hours. This biological timing is due to the maximum concentration of testosterone in the blood, which allows you to double the result of exposure to a chemical methandrostenolone drug at the expense of your own hormonal reserves of the body. On average, the optimal dose will be from six to ten tablets a day, body drying dividing this amount into two doses, in the morning and in the evening. The course lasts about a month, then a one-month break for the rehabilitation of the liver and rest from the drug are mandatory. When you take Methandrostenolone, you need to establish a sufficient and high-quality protein diet.

Side effects of Methandrostenolone

Methandrostenolone, a Methandrostenolone bodybuilding, has a very negative effect on the liver of a person and its kidneys, it promotes the accumulation of fluid in the body and provokes a severe headache, such as migraines. He also extremely negatively affects the human hormonal background, destabilizes the work of the gastrointestinal tract. With prolonged intake of Methandrostenolone in a person, there is a reaction of acne and allergies, there are edemas of the limbs, convulsions, and also the urge to frequent defecation and urination. With the regular use of Methandrostenolone, one can not avoid disturbances in the reproductive function of the body and excessive accumulation of calcium in the bones. In addition, Methandrostenolone increases the risk of cancer and heart ischemia. Before deciding to take Methandrostenolone bodybuilding, think and carefully weigh the pros and cons of whether a quick and short-lived external effect of those health problems that can occur in a person when taking any type of anabolic steroid drugs.

Why often choose Methandrostenolone?

Those who decide to stimulate the growth of muscle mass using anabolic steroids, most often, really, start with methandrostenolone. This is due to several reasons, of which the decisive are three circumstances related to the characteristics of dinabol. About them – more in detail.

The first and very good reason – tablet form of the drug. This, in any case, is incomparably more convenient than injections. In addition, there is an opinion (perhaps even that it was formed on the basis of certain associations) that injectable steroids can cause drug dependence. And to get a similar “headache” no one wants – hence the not too positive attitude to injections in general, especially regular. In fact, this kind of fears have a purely psychological, and not physiological, ground (as they say, “destruction is not in the closets, but in the minds”). To narcotic substances anabolic steroids at all desire to carry difficultly. “Classic” drugs make changes in the work of the central nervous system; for example, an imitation of the action of endorphins, which leads to an improvement in mood, the appearance of a sense of causeless happiness Methandrostenolone bodybuilding, a reduction in the pain threshold, etc. The scope of steroids is quite different. These substances stimulate a change in the hormonal background in the body; As for their influence on the psychological state (mood swings, depression, euphoria, aggression, etc.), the effect of steroids in this plan is indirect. After all, common sense tells us that steroids both work in the same way in tablets and injections (in fact the active substance is the same or the like, it differs only in the way it enters the body). the effect of steroids in this plan is of an indirect nature. After all, common sense tells us that steroids both work in the same way in tablets and injections (in fact the active substance is the same or the like, it differs only in the way it enters the body). the effect of steroids in this plan is of an indirect nature. After all, common sense tells us that steroids both work in the same way in tablets and injections (in fact the active substance is the same or the like, it differs only in the way it enters the body). And the second point – the stereotypes, the prevalence of the drug. I decided to “chemize”, asked for advice from the “senior comrade” – most often recommend it is dianabol to beginner. This variant for the “beginner” is not only not ideal, but also completely erroneous. Unfortunately, the fault here is the lack of information, which is due to some closedness of the topic. Objective and accessible information about the effects of steroids on the body, obviously, could seriously help many beginning “chemists” avoid a lot of typical mistakes.