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fat burning facts

Bodybuilding and fitness are shrouded in all sorts of myths about how to train properly in order to achieve better results fat burning facts, but the difference in opinions does not end there. Almost half of all the riddles of the fitness industry are questions about burning fat to achieve a relief type of muscle or normal weight loss. It often happens that statements can be directly opposite, but in each case the arguments are very convincing. In this situation, there comes a time when you need to figure out where the truth is, and where the fiction is, to determine the further direction of your path. Here are the 10 most common controversial statements about the fight against obesity:

You can not lose weight without a significant reduction in carbohydrates in the diet.

fat burning factsCarbohydrates perform an important function not only to maintain the energy of the body, which can be intensively trained, but also for the adequate production of thyroid hormones, which are a necessary component for starting the process of “burning” fat. If the level of carbohydrates drops sharply, this negatively affects the production of thyroid hormones and, consequently, fat burning facts. Therefore, it is not necessary to cut carbohydrates heavily, it is necessary to moderate their consumption.

A diet high in fat will slow the achievement of muscle relief.

If you compare carbohydrates, protein and dietary fat by their caloric value, the fat is much superior to other nutrients in this indicator. One gram of protein or carbohydrates gives four calories, but this same amount of fat contains nine calories – more than twice. This means that caloric content can really be huge, if you exaggerate with fat. However, with an insignificant amount of fat in the diet (20-30% of the total number of calories), there will not be an excess of excess calories. Not to mention, if the basis of fat intake is healthy fats, for example, polyunsaturated fatty acids omega-3, which are very useful for the heart and brain and are easily digested.

Drinking water helps in combating obesity.

On the topic of the action of water in terms of weight loss studies were conducted, their results are consistent with the idea that water can stimulate the process of fat burning facts. First, in dehydrated people there is a slowdown in metabolism (metabolism – the expenditure of calories). Metabolism is the most important factor in the matter of losing weight. Thus, a full consumption of water (about eight glasses per day) will maintain the metabolic rate at the proper level. Moreover, a study by German scientists found that the use of two glasses of cold water led to approximately 30% increase in the metabolic rate in an hour. Most men burned calories in fat. It seems that cold water increases the metabolic rate, because the body has to spend energy on heating water to body temperature.

Refusal of breakfast accelerates the Fat Burning facts.

facts about burning fatWithout a doubt, a full breakfast is needed not only for sporting achievements, but for the quality of life in general. Breakfast is considered the fuel of the day, since it depends on it largely depends on the energy of man in the daytime and in the following hours. Therefore, skipping breakfast is not necessary in any case. The myth about the fact that supposedly without breakfast the fat will be burned faster remains only a myth, because the morning meal positively affects the protein hormone leptin, which regulates energy metabolism. If breakfast is missed, then the level of leptin can change, and the body, on the contrary, will start storing fat. In addition, a full breakfast interferes with the processes of catabolism (muscle destruction) that appear in the morning after a long night’s break without eating food.

Do not eat after 6 pm.

Here everything depends on the daily routine. If you work or train in the evenings, then food is simply necessary for full-fledged energy and results. First of all, it is slowly digestible carbohydrates (whole wheat bread, oatmeal, etc.) before training and quickly digested (sweets, fruits, etc.) after it to make up for glycogen stores in muscles that are wasted at the time of physical exertion. In addition, in the post-training period, protein products are needed how to make bones stronger, because protein is the building material for muscles. If all the main things you do in the day, you can try a schedule of refusing to eat after 6 pm, but supper to 6 should be full, and in the morning you need a quality breakfast with slow carbohydrates (oatmeal) and other products, otherwise the body will begin to work on wear and tear in excessive catabolism and no benefit from this venture will not be.

Exclude simple carbohydrates from the diet.

Simple (or quickly digestible) carbohydrates are excellent for morning meals, so that the body can quickly return to the body after the night hours of fasting. And, of course, simple carbohydrates are largely necessary after training (be it hard training or cardio), since they are the ones that can instantly restore the energy of the body and return it to a state of anabolism, which is interrupted at the time of intensive training. However, at any other time, one should really be wary of simple carbohydrates.

In the period of fat burning facts, increase the level of protein consumed.

In the course of the fat burning diet, the body begins to be depleted, which means that at that time it needs an alternative source of energy: protein, otherwise muscles will undergo catabolism. With a significant loss of muscle tissue, metabolism slows down, and slow metabolism reduces fat burning facts. When you are trying to get rid of fat, the usual recommendations of protein intake of 1.5 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight may be inadequate. It is necessary to increase the norm to 2-2.5 grams. In this case, it is important to know that too much protein can not be increased too, since excess ammonia accumulates ammonia, which in turn negatively affects the functioning of the liver and kidneys.

Skip meals before exercise to lose weight faster.

Only intensive training consumes a large number of calories, so that metabolism is promoted and fat is burned, and energy is needed for it. Well, where to get energy, if you did not eat before going to the hall for 4-5 or more hours. Hence it follows that you can not skip meals on the day of training. 2 hours before the hall, consume 60-100 grams of low-fat foods (lean chicken, turkey or beef) and 60-100 g of slowly digestible carbohydrates (oatmeal, whole-grain bread or sweet potatoes). Then, about an hour before training, eat 20 grams of rapidly digestible protein (for example, whey protein) and another 40-60 g of slowly digestible carbohydrates. This should provide the body with sufficient energy without sacrificing the diet.

Reduce food intake closer to the end of the day.

As the day continues, carbohydrate stores in the muscles (also called muscle glycogen) tend to rise. Since glycogen stores reach a significant amount, the body goes into the stage of storage of surplus nutrients, especially carbohydrates, in the form of fat deposits. Therefore, in the fat burning facts phase, it is better to eat only for breakfast and lunch, and in the evening to reduce food intake. However, everything here largely depends on the daily routine and workload. If there is a lot of work or training in the evening, it is important to eat adequately at this time, but still slightly reduce the intake of food.

Caffeine stimulates fat burning facts.

fat burning zone fact or fictionCaffeine increases the amount of fat released from fat cells, which allows the body to use it easier to produce fuel. Morning coffee (normal black) is quite suitable as an invigorating drink, however, to maximize the benefits of caffeine for sporting purposes, it is better to include it in food intake one hour before training. Studies show that this increases energy in the gym and reduces muscle pain during training, so that you can train harder. Studies have also found that additional types of caffeine in tablets or powder work better than coffee. But, of course, calories are also considered. If you overeat, do not expect that caffeine will make you more slim, especially if you add a lot of calories from the sweet. Caffeine is only a component of the general diversity of the fitness diet.

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